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Connect with Flight Data Systems at EUROPEAN ROTORS 2023 in Madrid, Spain

Our team will be attending this rotorcraft-focused event from November 28th – 30th

The European Helicopter Association (EHA) and the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) have forged a powerful collaboration to establish an exceptional platform for the European Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL) sector. EUROPEAN ROTORS unites key players in the industry, operators, and regulatory authorities to engage in meaningful discussions regarding the future of vertical flight. This unique initiative, powered by leading OEMs, not only fosters business interactions but also promotes knowledge exchange through a comprehensive educational program.

Central to this event is the prestigious EASA Rotorcraft and VTOL Safety Symposium, spanning four days and focusing on the latest safety-related advancements in rotorcraft and VTOL technology. What sets this symposium apart is its combination of certified training sessions, best-practice seminars, and hands-on workshops.

The EUROPEAN ROTORS steering committee comprises influential members from the EHA board, representing diverse aspects of the industry, national associations, and EASA. The primary objective of this event is to empower the entire rotorcraft industry, enabling it to effectively address the challenges of the future while highlighting the invaluable contributions of VTOL operations to the European community.

Connect with Flight Data Systems during this three-day event

Flight Data Systems’ Director of Business Development, Scott Warner, and Commercial Manager of South America, Europe, Africa, and Global Readout Services, Santiago Echeverri, will attend this event in November. If you wish to connect with either of them during this event, please feel free to fill out a form and schedule a meeting with them.

If you are interested in attending EUROPEAN ROTORS, please visit their website. We look forward to connecting with you in Madrid!

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